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    Innovative Venture Launches One of the Ride-sharing Industry’s First Subscription Fee Model along with additional groundbreaking pricing and safety features.

    NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., February 1, 2017 – For a nominal $20 a month introductory subscription fee, or a mere 66 cents a day, driving entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to earn approximately $7,300 more yearly with the launch of RydenGo (www.RydenGo.com ), a new innovative ride-sharing company.

    Delivering one of the industry’s first subscription fee business model is only one of the innovative ways RydenGo seeks to transform ride-sharing and differentiate itself from its more well-known competitors.

    Key features of RydenGo’s app include:

    Entrepreneurs take home 100 percent of earnings and tips after paying the monthly subscription fee. Entrepreneurs are also free to set their own rates for fares which are also not dictated to them by RydenGo. Drivers can run their businesses as they see fit.

    Passengers benefit from a variety of competitive pricing options, the same freedom of choice as they experience when shopping online. Drivers in a passenger’s specific area respond to a ride request with pricing options they set every day. This gives passengers the flexibility to secure the best price that meets their budgets.

    The company is offering the unique RydenGo Safety Code system to ensure passengers’ and drivers’ peace of mind. RydenGo is developing technology featuring a four-digit verification code, which the driver sends to the passenger once a fare is booked. When the driver arrives, the passenger can verify the security code to ensure the driver’s identity checks out. In addition, RydenGo adds another layer of security to their system with extensive driver background checks. Beyond the standard industry background screenings, drivers are required to have either an in-person or phone verification with a RydenGo representative. To further bolster security, RydenGo will also conduct random driver background checks if necessary as determined by its internal security monitoring system.

    “Our mission at RydenGo is to empower drivers,” said Michael Pappas, RydenGo’s CEO and founder. “If ride-sharing companies can benefit financially, why can’t the drivers, too? Our hands will never be in drivers’ pockets. Except for a monthly subscription fee, it’s truly the drivers’ business. Drivers set their fare prices and keep 100 percent of the profits they earn. We charge them no commission as other ride-sharing companies do. We believe our unique business model not only benefits drivers but also provides passengers a variety of pricing options and safety features unrivaled in the industry.”

    RydenGo Vs. Uber

    As advertised on its website, based on an Uber driver’s average monthly net income of $3,166, Uber takes a 20 percent cut or more of drivers’ earnings. That’s an average of $633 a month going directly into Uber’s pockets with the average loss to drivers adding up to $7,596 a year.

    Pappas said, by contrast, RydenGo’s introductory $20 monthly driver subscription plan enables entrepreneurs to make approximately $7,356 more per year.

    “Drivers can earn more money using RydenGo, no matter how much they drive,” added Pappas. “That’s the RydenGo way.”

    Another potential industry changing feature on the RydenGo site is called Playground. Pappas envisions this as the ultimate transportation listing where private owners, collectors, and passengers can connect to broker dream vehicle possibilities of any kind such as fire engines, tractors, airplanes, race cars, luxury boats, etc.

    “If it moves, flies or sails, it will be in the Playground,” said Pappas. “Just think of the transportation of our childhood dreams, now available in one convenient place. These dream machine enthusiasts can list their amazing vehicles for those who desire them for events, parties, or just for fun. The sky is truly the limit here.”

    Pappas said the RydenGo team is currently working with developers in creating the company’s app and seeking financial partners.

    “This is the perfect time to launch our company,” said Pappas. “Drivers and passengers across the globe are seeking the next evolution of ride-sharing. Come meet the next generation of ride-sharing at RydenGo. Discover a new way to go and join the ryde-sharing revolution. Why can’t changing the world be fun?”

    About RydenGo

    Based in Newport Beach, California, RydenGo is a new ride-sharing company on a mission to empower driving entrepreneurs around the world. RydenGo is one of the first companies to bring a monthly subscription fee business model to the ride-sharing industry to enable drivers to make more money and passengers to save on fares. The company is delivering innovative safety features for its customers and the ultimate dream machine listing site called Playground. Meet the next generation of ride-sharing and come join the ryde-sharing revolution at www.rydengo.com

    Become a RydenGo Beta Tester.

    Lets change the world together.