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A message from the CEO and Founder of Rydengo

As CEO and founder of RydenGo, it’s my mission to empower entrepreneurs around the world. Nothing brings me more personal satisfaction than seeing people in charge of their lives and benefiting from the work they do. This opportunity also requires individuals to step up and take charge of their lives, too, and not rely solely on the employer model of the past, but rather to embrace a system of the future…here today.

Each day and night globally, entrepreneurs with companies large and small pay subscription fees to corporations such as Oracle, Amazon, Microsoft, etc., that enable them to access network technology platforms worth billions to run their businesses on. Just as designers, photographers, etc., who employ Adobe software technology via a subscription model for their businesses but do not work directly for Adobe.

Imagine for a moment if Adobe took approximately 20% off the top of your business earnings for using their technology.  As well Adobe controlled your ability in how you used that technology preventing you from maximizing your total profits. No one would stand for such an approach. However, this very situation happens to drivers every day with the current ridesharing model that's in place in our world.

My original inspiration for how the rideshare industry could be dramatically improved was from reading countless news stories about drivers barely getting by in life, and the more recent troubling stories of drivers living in their cars. I also heard personal stories in my own life from a passenger’s perspective on price and security that didn’t sound too promising, as well as talking to drivers about the issues they face daily on the job. One strong common thread that connected these personal stories together for me was their huge dissatisfaction with the current state of the industry, and desire for an improved system that worked better for everyone. I believe there must be a better way than the current rideshare model that can truly benefit drivers and passengers. RydenGo's business approach has become that very solution.

We are one of the first ridesharing companies to bring a subscription fee business model to the industry that also enables drivers to set their own rates for their work. Through tapping into RydenGo’s technology – you’re the boss, not an employee! You’re employing yourself and designing your future path in life. We are providing you the network tools to help make your dream of total entrepreneur independence come true.

We put you in the driver’s seat at RydenGo, and in charge of your business life and the success you bring to it. The more hard work you put into your business, the more you should reap the benefits. Let me stress that our hands will never be in your pockets. Your profit, your income is 100 percent yours…

Empowering entrepreneurs will always be our goal at RydenGo. Come along for the ryde and meet the next generation of ridesharing at RydenGo.


Michael Pappas

CEO and founder of RydenGo.


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