About us

RydenGo is a new ride-sharing company on a mission to empower driving entrepreneurs around the world. RydenGo is one of the first companies to bring a monthly subscription fee business model to the ride-sharing industry to enable drivers to make more money and passengers to save on fares. The company is delivering innovative safety features for its customers and the ultimate dream machine listing site called Playground. Meet the next generation of ride-sharing and come join the ryde-sharing revolution.

Michael Pappas

CEO & Founder

As the CEO and founder of Rydengo, Pappas leads the company’s vision, strategy, and growth as it provides people with intriguing and unique transportation options. Inspired by his passion for change, RydenGo is delivering the next generation of ridesharing as it empowers drivers to make more money and brings passengers innovative pricing and safety features. In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Pappas is also an inventor as well as a technology, software and industrial designer. Driven by an innate curiosity for innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit, Pappas has explored a variety of fields, including art, cinema, and photography, and has proved adept at incorporating modern technology advancements to combine the best of all mediums. His pragmatic approach to creative work is to apply whatever conventional or modern methods are most effective to bring a project to fruition. His latest creative venture RydenGo came about after he heard personal stories from drivers and passengers about their growing dissatisfaction with the current state of the ridesharing industry. Pappas was convinced there must be a better rideshare approach that can truly serve drivers and passengers.


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